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Being an Austinite!

Blanton Museum of Art: Impressionism and the Caribbean

I should not appeal for clemency in writing, but I have no choice, I was not an erudite visitor at the Blanton Museum of Art. I went because my friend convinced me that the exhibition was a rare partnership between Impressionism and the Caribbean. I soon discovered that the full title of this painting collection is Impressionism and the Caribbean: Francisco Oller and His Transatlantic World.

Every Thursday admission to the museum was free so I picked a Thursday in late July. As soon as I opened the glass entrance door, a gust of wind swept me in and I landed in a realm opposite to the broiling atmosphere I left behind. Continue reading “Blanton Museum of Art: Impressionism and the Caribbean”


House Pizzeria Special: Arugula and Garlic

The weekend I transitioned into a new pace of life, Texas heat went on a rampage. Well, I shouldn’t be complaining since Austin had enjoyed less-than-a-hundred-degree temperatures these past months. Believe me, once it hits a hundred, you’ll meet a personified heat. The heat crawls up from the soles of your feet as if it had fingertips, pulsates radially in your core, then finally reaches the apex of your skull to stay. After a while my head will feel like exploding. Continue reading “House Pizzeria Special: Arugula and Garlic”

Red McCombs Red Zone and The Nazi Olympics Exhibit

This past Friday afternoon, my sister invited me to go see an exhibition on the 1936 Nazi Olympics in Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (It’s the gigantic UT football stadium, if you don’t recognize the name.) She told me to meet up inside Gate 16 on the north side. I asked her if that was the Red McCombs Red Zone, and she said yes. I’ve always wanted to explore the Red Zone.

Continue reading “Red McCombs Red Zone and The Nazi Olympics Exhibit”

Austin Restaurant Week

Austin Restaurant Week

Tonight Vong and I decided to dine at Finn & Porter, located in downtown Hilton Hotel. Yes, I’m glad we were able to catch the last part of Austin Restaurant Week.

Continue reading “Austin Restaurant Week”

Aquarena Center Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Aquarena Center
The Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

This is a late post, I apologize for that, but a couple weeks ago, I went for a day trip on Saturday. It was my sister and I, and two of our friends. We went to San Marcos to the Aquarena Center.  We heard that San Marcos river is the third clearest river in the world. I can’t believe I passed this river several times already but never really knew what I was missing out.

We took off from Austin at 10:30 am that day and went straight to the Aquarena Center. They have their glass-bottom boat tour at the top of every hour (Check out the operating hours here:

Here’s the pricing: Adults $9/ Seniors $7.50/ Children 4-15 $6/ 3 and Under Free Continue reading “Aquarena Center Glass-Bottom Boat Tour”

Hartman Foundation “Concerts in the Park”

It’s summer in Austin, Texas. Every summer Austin has free concerts in the park. Hartman Foundation holds this every Sunday evening at 7:30pm. Today the weather was very pleasant. Picnic in the park with my companions was lovely indeed. I came with my sister, we held the fort for the other girls to come later. Continue reading “Hartman Foundation “Concerts in the Park””

Birthday gift!

I got for my birthday, SugarMama’s cupcakes: red velvet, carrot cake, chocolate icing cupcake, vanilla icing cupcake.

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