Austin Restaurant Week

Tonight Vong and I decided to dine at Finn & Porter, located in downtown Hilton Hotel. Yes, I’m glad we were able to catch the last part of Austin Restaurant Week.

This was my third time there. They pretty much lived up to my expectations. To me, their forte has always been in this art of blending creative sauces/purees/vinaigrettes with various fresh ingredients.

So here is our menu for tonight!


Bread & butter (Their rye rolls covered with grains and seeds were spot on! Plus nothing can go wrong with soft, creamy, fresh butter.)

Corn chowder (A sweet chowder with a very smooth texture and the right weight of tastiness.)

Beet and goat cheese salad (It was a long platter of three different colors of beets with arugula sitting on goat cheese and pistachio vinaigrette; light, flavorful, and faithful to the natural flavors of the ingredients.)


Gulf shrimps & giant scallop sitting on a smoked onion polenta with garlic white wine sauce all around (Not too impressed with the shrimps, but the scallop was quite gigantic and from its texture, you could taste quality.)

7 oz. Filet mignon medium-cooked with garlic mashed potatoes and red wine prosciutto sauce (My third time having this dish. Loved the prosciutto sauce but I tend to use it to cover up the burnt outer part of the steak, not the best meat overall, though the pink inside remained juicy and tender.)


Chocolate crumble cake with salted caramel and raspberry sauce (The depth of the chocolate was legit, the waitress’ generous pour of the caramel on top did not overpower the cake at all.)

Vanilla bean crème brûlée with biscotti and fresh berries (Literally the definition of crème brûlée! It was nicely executed layer of hard caramel on top with a fragrant, rich custard at the base. I don’t like desserts that much, but that custard was very eggy and flavorful without being heavy and sickening.)