I am a blogger, not a designer. But am here in Circles Conference 2012 in Grapevine, Texas, wanting to learn MORE!

Circles Conference

It’s been fun for 2 days sitting here and listening about design and the designers, they actually go by the name- the creatives. Most of the talks are mainly inspirational. I love learning new things, but definitely not afraid to embrace my limitations in not having the training and opportunity to be a creative.

Creative Wave

I just probably don’t have the endurance to go through the thought process of a creative, although I might be wrong. I could, if I have the time, go and learn more about creatives and their works, as well as finding mentors and communities in sites like Method and Craft.

Currently I work as an online outreach manager. I love my job, but learning is my true hobby. So here are my thoughts about design from the perspective of, not even an amateur, but more like of the eyes of an aesthetic consumer.

If I imagine myself as a creative, I would love to create designs that are: first of all, easy! uni-beautiful! classy! at-no-cost! and so forth!

By the way, by uni-beautiful, I meant to say it can easily pass as beautiful, retaining decent aesthetic value, easily fitting into the various standards of beauty out there. SO, I just made up stuffs by using the newest iPad, my old burgundy LG Optimus, and Thumba (another free photography app)!

Design 2012

Thanks to Historic Downtown Grapevine. I also whipped a collage out with Diptic (another free photo editing app).

Grapevine, Texas

I took those photographs this morning as I was waiting for the conference to start. Check out their farmers’ market!

Farmers Market Grapevine

And yes, I happened to use Instagram as well.

Intersection Instagram

It’s been awesome 2 days! Circles Conference 2012 is my first design conference! Here’s their hashtag on Twitter: #Circles2012. It’s a great conference with ample resources and very enterable circles. In case you’re interested…

It is never too late to become what you might have been. –George Eliot.