Indeed Google is on rampage!

Everyone, Google Docs is switching to Google Drive soon.

Get ready to test-drive the Drive. Today I got this offer to try out the new Google Drive when I was on Google Docs. So I switched!

Honestly, I’m looking forward to use Google Drive in a more consistent basis. This switch seems to be quite promising. I mean just this past week I was lamenting the fact that Dropbox couldn’t efficiently handle simultaneous editing from multiple users. So I had to switch back to Google Docs for collaboration purposes. The catch is, although Google Docs do the basics of collaborating work quite beautifully, I’m not entirely satisfied with their limited functionality in formatting and file types.

Google Drive promises the addition of new file types such as videos, tables, and more. I haven’t yet tested all these features and their editing capabilities, but soon we’ll find out.

Another added value is the way your Google Drive will sync all your documents in all your devices. All you need to do is download Google Drive on your devices. Just like how Dropbox works, but now you can perform collaboration work more smoothly. Well, that’s what we hope it’ll do anyway.

In short, Google Drive is Google’s attempt to merge the functionalities from Google Docs and Dropbox. Right now, you can use Google Drive for free storage up to 5 GB.

Excited yet? Go download Google Drive and test it yourself!

Read more about Google Drive and let me know what you all think after the test-drive.