Blogger Updates

Blogger has made some new updates.

As far as I know, they made two MAJOR improvements.

First, their New Post page includes heading options now! This is very important for crawlers or spider bots. To the search bots, heading tag has been one of the most reliable signals for what’s in the content. In the offline world, it’s like how headlines on the newspapers allows you to catch the gist of the articles.

This is, more or less, the mechanism of how search engine crawlers skim over content and determine relevance to a search phrase that a user is aiming for.

In the past, I had to manually add heading tags onto my Blogger’s posts (using the HTML editor). Although it is not as detailed as WordPress’ options, Blogger now provides the following formatting: Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading, and Normal. Good enough for me.

Secondly, Blogger has also added a new feature under Settings, entitled Search Preferences. I can now add meta tags, tweak with robots.txt, page redirects, etc.

These are mainly for advanced users because making mistakes in editing these search preferences can make your blog totally ignored by search engines.

Like I said before, Google will not let WordPress control the whole market of blogging platform. I think Blogger has been endeavoring to improve its functionality without copying what WordPress has offered.

Some basic things such as heading tags and search preferences cannot be ignored any longer.

At this point, I’m loving the changes. Besides, Blogger’s layout and template designer are definitely easier to work with than’s rigid themes.

I’m waiting for MORE. I hope Blogger would add a feature to customize permalink. I mean people have done tricks to make their own link structure on Blogger, why not make it official?

That would be a quantum leap!