Aquarena Center
The Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

This is a late post, I apologize for that, but a couple weeks ago, I went for a day trip on Saturday. It was my sister and I, and two of our friends. We went to San Marcos to the Aquarena Center.  We heard that San Marcos river is the third clearest river in the world. I can’t believe I passed this river several times already but never really knew what I was missing out.

We took off from Austin at 10:30 am that day and went straight to the Aquarena Center. They have their glass-bottom boat tour at the top of every hour (Check out the operating hours here:

Here’s the pricing: Adults $9/ Seniors $7.50/ Children 4-15 $6/ 3 and Under Free

My sister and I love minimally-intruded nature. So this tour was just perfect. It was a little bit on the expensive side, but considering that the fee also went to the preservation effort of this piece of nature, the pricing was totally worth it.

San marcos headwater
The bottom of the San Marcos river

The water was so clear that you could see the bottom of the river. Lots of fish and turtles were swimming directly underneath the boat. We had a very informative tour guide, and he always tried to steer the boat so that we could see the underwater creatures clearly.

Next time I probably would go with the glass-bottom kayak tour. The kayak tour is longer (1-hour or 3-hour tour options) and more expensive but you can go further down the river, plus you’ll be able to see through the water more clearly. I’ll wait until late Spring when the weather warms up.