For my current project at work, I’ve been comparing WordPress and Blogger platforms for quite a while now. Obviously you can never pin them down with a clear, stable comparison of their advantages and disadvantages; the reason being they’re continuously evolving. Well, actually Blogger is probably more slippery than WordPress because Google will never stop thriving to be on top.

Since 2010 was a big year for Blogger, Google has revamped its platform from the ground up. Talking about ground, Google is definitely looking to gain ground, to compete with the increasingly popular WordPress platform, which blogs seem to have a more professional outlook than Blogger blogs. These days many, if not most, SEO experts would recommend WordPress platform to their clients, especially for self-hosted blogs or websites.

Google’s greed will never let such thing slide. Okay, maybe (the free software) plays a different game, but for sure, (the free blog host) is within the league for Blogger.

The last time I checked, at the end of November 2011, Alexa lists Blogger as the seventh top site on the web, following Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and occupies the 18th spot. That’s a significant gap. However, uses the same basic user interface with the WordPress software (i.e. from This factor alone may have swayed many bloggers to prefer over Blogger with a view to a self-hosting upgrade in the future.

Again, Google’s greed will never let such thing slide.  You may not agree with my remark on Google’s aggressive approach to gain dominance in all the leading web markets, but it’s obvious that Google longs to replicate its success in the Web-search market. In October 2011, Google’s U.S. Web-search share has increased to 65.6% while Yahoo’s slipped to 15.2% coming in second.

Stay tune! I’ll show you the Google greed.