By SimplyKL

So dear all,

I think it’s time to start sharing my learning experience of blogging. I’m, by no means, a blogging expert. I have no background in computer science or anything like that. I’m just someone who loves learning and absorbing new knowledge. So my posts on blogging are for those who have no interest to dive in too much into the details but who would like to learn more about blogging away their interests. Here’s the deal, I’ll do the reading, researching, and testing, you’ll get the gist of it, an abbreviated version. What do you all think?

Here’s a little background on my blogging history. So I started blogging in March 2011. I was looking for a hobby that would keep me from wasting away my time doing nothing productive. Well, I started picking up different hobbies like drawing, knitting, composing songs, cooking, reading thick books, playing games, watching documentaries, photography, picking up a new language, surfing the Web, and the list went on. Then I don’t know if I can’t focus or I don’t have patience or what, but I just lost interest quite easily. I’m looking for one specific activity that can capture dynamic variety, meaning something that’s always evolving and not monotonous (does it sound redundant?).

So some friends of mine suggested blogging. At first, I was rather hesitant to commit to a long-term hobby because I knew blogging would require consistency to produce content. Yet I was up for trying it out, so I did! I found that producing a new content every week was quite challenging, but actually that’s the best part! Brainstorming for a new post is exciting. It opens the door to many more adventures. It’s like this… If you want to blog about a cooking recipe, you’ll have to actually cook and take pictures of your cooking process and the final product. If you want to blog about coffee, you will have to explore different coffee shops and talk about your favorite thing, the cup of coffee that you would’ve ordered from those coffee shops. Do you get what I’m trying to say here?

To be continued for more blogging tokens, i.e., items that would allow you to “keep playing and go to the next level of the game” (Of course, I’m talking about blogging, not some arcade games).