I haven’t been able to post regularly on this blog. The reason is my recent involvement with a big project at work. My background is mathematics but for some reason, I’m being pulled into this major project involving high tech stuff. I have nothing to complain really because I have a secret hobby: I like to learn new things.

So with the help of some of my senior colleagues, I’ve been doing a crash course on the Internet language (actually, it’s still an ongoing course). Of course, I’m not a well-versed web-designer, html editor, search engine optimization (SEO) expert, professional blogger/copywriter, or anything like that. But I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

It’s also interesting how all this involves a lot of people skills. I have lots to say on that but not right now as I’m packing to go to a conference tomorrow. Sooner or later maybe I should blog about my learning experience in this project.