It’s summer in Austin, Texas. Every summer Austin has free concerts in the park. Hartman Foundation holds this every Sunday evening at 7:30pm. Today the weather was very pleasant. Picnic in the park with my companions was lovely indeed. I came with my sister, we held the fort for the other girls to come later.

Their strings program include:

Hardiman/Custer – The Lord of the Dance

Villoldo/Naughtin – El Choclo (Tango Criollo)

Brahms/Isaac – Hungarian Dance No. 5

Bizet/Naughtin – Habañera from “Carmen”

Pochon – Turkey in the Straw

Offenbach/Dackow – Orpheus in the Underworld Finale

Waldteufel/Isaac – España Waltz

Anderson/Naughtin – Blue Tango

Strauss/Crocker – Tritsch-Tratsch Polka

Gardel/Naughtin – Tango: Po Una Cabeza

Strauss/Naughtin – Blue Danube Waltzes

Grainger/Alshin – Shepherd’s Hey

Martinez – Danza de los Cuatro Huesos

Copland/Naughtin – Hoe-Down

Lyds came with lots of goodies to eat and drink: peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies, pasta salad, fresh pico de gallo and chips, some lemon flavored sparkling water, complete with the utensils, foam plates, and plastic bowls. Jen, Meg, and the A sisters came too!

Enjoy Austin summer evenings, everyone! Check out the website for this event. Perfect for families and friends. Oh, and you have to check out the video (click here) taken today from the concert.